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Years Anniversary
In one weeks time from today, the 118th Website in its current format will have been running for exactly one year.  The year has seen a number of changes to the website, with the addition of lots of new stuff, eg quizzes, resources and reports.

We have had a number of guestbook entries from ancestors of soldiers who served in the real 118th regiment during the civil war, long may this continue.  The longer the website runs, the more it helps to keep the memory of the 118th Pennsylvania alive.

My own aim when I started this website was to make this the central resource site for everything to do with the 118th, a kind of modern record.  Although not quite there yet the website is getting close, there is certainly already more information in a single place on this website about the 118th than anywhere else on the internet.  Theres still a lot of work to do but it will get there.

In the year that we have been running the site has attracted a total of 8158 visitors so far (probably around 8300 in a weeks time).  We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the visitors to the website and in helping this website to become the success it certainly appears to have become.
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