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Stories: Timetable For Training Weekend
With the season almost upon us, the timetable for the training weekend at Tatton Park on the 17th and 18th April has been released.  All members should read the following:

Arrive and set up camps, hellos etc, bedding down at 12 midnight.

8:00  Reveille & breakfast.
9:00  Quick officers and nco’s meeting. (to let members know what the timetable is and what we need from the weekend)
9:20  Company drill to warm up with, checking on the new fish
9:40  Form Brigade, manual of arms, basic drill manoeuvres,  basis formation of the brigade on the field
10:25  Return to camp coffee break.
11:00   Trade tests
12:30   Dinner
1:30   Form Brigade on to field Brigade drill and manoeuvres  and firing going through firing by company, Firing by rank, firing by file, firing by Brigade
3:00 Return to camp living history etc.
3;15  Officers  and nco’s meeting in Barn.
5:00  Camp stands down  

8:00 Reveille & breakfast.
8;15  Morning roll call
9:00 Form Brigade rising of the colours
9: 30 Company, manual of arms
10:00 Morning parade (with musicians if we have any)
10:30 Company drill on field
11:00  Brigade drill
11:30  TBA
12:00 – 12:15 Return to camp, living history/ dinner
1:30  Company drill (also trade test for those who missed Sat)
2:00 Displays inc firing inside the walled area
2:30  Living history
3.30  Debrief from Brigade
4:00  Lower colours.
4:30  Home time.

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