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Stories: US Visit
Myself and Kelvin have recently returned from our US Visit and photos (or at least some of the 1500+ that we took) will be uploaded to the gallery when I can.  It was a really good trip and we managed to cram a lot into it:

Manassas 1 & 2
Sutherland Station
Five Forks
Jacksons Shrine
Museum of the Confederacy
Confederate Whitehouse
City Point (Grants HQ)
Siege of Peterburg
The Crater
Pamplin Park
Museum Of The Civil War Soldier
National Civil War Museum
View The Original Colors
Appomattox Court House
Cold Harbor
Gaines Mill

I think thats all.

I'm also going to put in the resources section an overview of each battlefield, how preserved, what there is to do, size, hidden gems, downloads for tours etc so that anyone else from the 118th who may be going to visit will know what to expect.
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