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Stories: US Visit
118th News

Myself and Kelvin have recently returned from our US Visit and photos (or at least some of the 1500+ that we took) will be uploaded to the gallery when I can.  It was a really good trip and we managed to cram a lot into it:

Manassas 1 & 2
Sutherland Station
Five Forks
Jacksons Shrine
Museum of the Confederacy
Confederate Whitehouse
City Point (Grants HQ)
Siege of Peterburg
The Crater
Pamplin Park
Museum Of The Civil War Soldier
National Civil War Museum
View The Original Colors
Appomattox Court House
Cold Harbor
Gaines Mill

I think thats all.

I'm also going to put in the resources section an overview of each battlefield, how preserved, what there is to do, size, hidden gems, downloads for tours etc so that anyone else from the 118th who may be going to visit will know what to expect.

Stories: Timetable For Training Weekend

With the season almost upon us, the timetable for the training weekend at Tatton Park on the 17th and 18th April has been released.  All members should read the following:

Arrive and set up camps, hellos etc, bedding down at 12 midnight.

8:00  Reveille & breakfast.
9:00  Quick officers and nco’s meeting. (to let members know what the timetable is and what we need from the weekend)
9:20  Company drill to warm up with, checking on the new fish
9:40  Form Brigade, manual of arms, basic drill manoeuvres,  basis formation of the brigade on the field
10:25  Return to camp coffee break.
11:00   Trade tests
12:30   Dinner
1:30   Form Brigade on to field Brigade drill and manoeuvres  and firing going through firing by company, Firing by rank, firing by file, firing by Brigade
3:00 Return to camp living history etc.
3;15  Officers  and nco’s meeting in Barn.
5:00  Camp stands down  

8:00 Reveille & breakfast.
8;15  Morning roll call
9:00 Form Brigade rising of the colours
9: 30 Company, manual of arms
10:00 Morning parade (with musicians if we have any)
10:30 Company drill on field
11:00  Brigade drill
11:30  TBA
12:00 – 12:15 Return to camp, living history/ dinner
1:30  Company drill (also trade test for those who missed Sat)
2:00 Displays inc firing inside the walled area
2:30  Living history
3.30  Debrief from Brigade
4:00  Lower colours.
4:30  Home time.

Stories: 2010 Events

With 2010 upon us the website has been updated with all the current confirmed events for the 2010 season, which, for the 118th kicks off with the Federal Training weekend at Tatton Park on the 17th and 18th April.

Heres looking forward to another cracking season.

Keep checking here for details of more events as and when they are released.

Stories: So you think you know the Civil War ?
118th News

Calling all you civil war buffs, you think you know the Civil War, take a hop over to our brand new quiz section and test your knowledge against the record books.  There's three quizzes in our collection so far, one easy general Civil War one, one much harder, and one all about the 118th PA.

Head on over to the quiz section which can be found right here.  Go on, take the plunge and see how you get on.

Stories: Downloads Added
118th News

A selection of e-books in pdf format have now been added to the website in the downloads section.  Various categories and subjects covering varying aspects of the civil war.  More will be added as I get chance but for now, enjoy the ones available, head on over to the downloads section (found under the resources section of the menu).

Stories: New Content Available
118th News

All visitors will be pleased to hear that there is all new content now available on the website.  On the menu under extras you will find Battle Reports. 

This section contains:
Details of Battle Summaries of battles that involved the 118th.
Press reports and cuttings from Pennsylvania newspapers between 1861 and 1865.
General do*****ents and stories of interest regarding not just the 118th but the Civil War in general as well.

Head on over and have a read whan you get chance, you never know, you may learn something.

Stories: Calling All Members
118th News

This is a call for all members, if you have any photos of the 118th at any events, regardless of age or location, can you please send them to webadmin@118th.co.uk so that I can put them on the website.

The photo can be of anything, on the field, in camp, and at any event, not just ACWS events.

Many Thanks.

Stories: Raffle At Cusworth Hall

All 118th Members (and anyone else who wants to know).  We will be holding a raffle at this weekends event at Cusworth Hall, Doncaster.  Please try and supply some 'quality' prizes for everyone, alcohol is more than welcome.

Please also remember that all firers should be providing tubes to be filled with powder, 40 per person per battle.

Stories: Stanford Hall Raffle
Membership Announcements

All Members,

There will be a raffle held at the upcoming event at Stanford Hall.  Would all members please bring something that can be used as a prize for the raffle.  A request has been made that only 'quality' items be donated and that alcohol would be preferred.

Also, dont forget the full company meal that has been arranged for the Saturday evening.