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150th Anniversary
118th News

Today marks the day that the American Civil War officially began, 150 years ago to the day.

The American Civil War begins when Confederates fire on Fort Sumter in Charleston Harbor in South Carolina.

The fort had been the source of tension between the Federal and Confederacy for several months. After South Carolina seceded on December 20, 1860, the state demanded the fort be turned over but Federal officials refused. A supply ship, the Star of the West, tried to reach Fort Sumter on January 9, but the shore batteries opened fire and drove it away. For both sides, Sumter was a symbol of sovereignty. The Federal could not allow it to fall to the Confederates, although throughout the Deep South other federal installations had been seized. For South Carolinians, secession meant little if the Yankees still held the stronghold. The issue hung in the air when Abraham Lincoln took the oath of office on March 4, stating in his inauguration address: You can have no conflict without being yourselves the aggressors.

Lincoln did not try to send reinforcements but he did send in food. This way, Lincoln could characterize the operation as a humanitarian mission, bringing, in his words, food for hungry men. He sent word to the Confederates in Charleston of his intentions on April 6. The Confederate Congress at Montgomery, Alabama, had decided on February 15 that Sumter and other forts must be acquired either by negotiation or force. Negotiation, it seemed, had failed. The Confederates demanded surrender of the fort, but Major Robert Anderson, commander of Fort Sumter, refused.

At 4:30 a.m. on April 12, the Confederate guns opened fire. For thirty-three hours, the shore batteries lobbed 4,000 shells in the direction of the fort. Finally, the garrison inside the battered fort raised the white flag. No one on either side had been killed, although two Federal soldiers died when the departing soldiers fired a gun salute, and some cartridges exploded prematurely. It was a nearly bloodless beginning to Americas bloodiest war.

Stories: US Visit
118th News

Myself and Kelvin have recently returned from our US Visit and photos (or at least some of the 1500+ that we took) will be uploaded to the gallery when I can.  It was a really good trip and we managed to cram a lot into it:

Manassas 1 & 2
Sutherland Station
Five Forks
Jacksons Shrine
Museum of the Confederacy
Confederate Whitehouse
City Point (Grants HQ)
Siege of Peterburg
The Crater
Pamplin Park
Museum Of The Civil War Soldier
National Civil War Museum
View The Original Colors
Appomattox Court House
Cold Harbor
Gaines Mill

I think thats all.

I'm also going to put in the resources section an overview of each battlefield, how preserved, what there is to do, size, hidden gems, downloads for tours etc so that anyone else from the 118th who may be going to visit will know what to expect.

Years Anniversary
118th News

In one weeks time from today, the 118th Website in its current format will have been running for exactly one year.  The year has seen a number of changes to the website, with the addition of lots of new stuff, eg quizzes, resources and reports.

We have had a number of guestbook entries from ancestors of soldiers who served in the real 118th regiment during the civil war, long may this continue.  The longer the website runs, the more it helps to keep the memory of the 118th Pennsylvania alive.

My own aim when I started this website was to make this the central resource site for everything to do with the 118th, a kind of modern record.  Although not quite there yet the website is getting close, there is certainly already more information in a single place on this website about the 118th than anywhere else on the internet.  Theres still a lot of work to do but it will get there.

In the year that we have been running the site has attracted a total of 8158 visitors so far (probably around 8300 in a weeks time).  We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the visitors to the website and in helping this website to become the success it certainly appears to have become.

Stories: So you think you know the Civil War ?
118th News

Calling all you civil war buffs, you think you know the Civil War, take a hop over to our brand new quiz section and test your knowledge against the record books.  There's three quizzes in our collection so far, one easy general Civil War one, one much harder, and one all about the 118th PA.

Head on over to the quiz section which can be found right here.  Go on, take the plunge and see how you get on.

Stories: Downloads Added
118th News

A selection of e-books in pdf format have now been added to the website in the downloads section.  Various categories and subjects covering varying aspects of the civil war.  More will be added as I get chance but for now, enjoy the ones available, head on over to the downloads section (found under the resources section of the menu).

Stories: New Content Available
118th News

All visitors will be pleased to hear that there is all new content now available on the website.  On the menu under extras you will find Battle Reports. 

This section contains:
Details of Battle Summaries of battles that involved the 118th.
Press reports and cuttings from Pennsylvania newspapers between 1861 and 1865.
General do*****ents and stories of interest regarding not just the 118th but the Civil War in general as well.

Head on over and have a read whan you get chance, you never know, you may learn something.

Stories: Calling All Members
118th News

This is a call for all members, if you have any photos of the 118th at any events, regardless of age or location, can you please send them to webadmin@118th.co.uk so that I can put them on the website.

The photo can be of anything, on the field, in camp, and at any event, not just ACWS events.

Many Thanks.

New Website
118th News

Welcome to the 118th Pennsylvania's all new website. The sites been redesigned to make it easier to maintain, better members area and an all new forum.  All our current content is still available including the gallery and guestbook with all our photos and great comments.

So much more can now be done with this site, including battle reports, letters to home etc all at the touch of a button.

ALL members will need to register to read the forums.  Registration will be heavily controlled so that only certain people can read our messages, see the rules posting on the forums (this section is public).  Once you have been registered I will grant 118th members access to the members area.

The new site has been tested as much as possible, however, there may still be a few teething problems.  if anyone has any issues or finds any errors, please let the webadmin know at webadmin@118th.co.uk and I'll try and get it fixed, if you can include which internet browser you are using in your message it would be much appreciated.